A special chapter in 2021

A special chapter in 2021

The rscj are at a time of great change. There were 7000 in the world in 1970. They are less than 2000 today. And according to very serious statistics, by 2036/2040, they will be no more than 700, distributed in a fair way between the different continents, with an average age that will rejuvenate.

Their mission now extends to all members of the Sacred Heart family: old and old, “associates”, collaborators or partners, administrative staff and teachers of schools, young people of volunteering …

One of the main calls of the chapter of Nemi in 2016, was to “be and act as one body, dynamic, interconnected, articulated with other bodies…”. This call was addressed first to the rscj who are invited to better share their resources and their skills, across borders and continents … But it is also a call to look for something more suitable in the collaboration with the laity.

This is why a special chapter – the equivalent of a general chapter, but on a specific point – will be organized in 2021 to reflect on a new form of governance. A small team of “dream catchers” is already touring the provinces to prepare this project.

AMASC will not fail to report their progress on this site.

Superior General, Sr Barbara Dawson, and her board prepare a special chapter on governance