Welcome and hospitality


The diversity of their cultures is an asset that national associations are called to share by accepting to welcome alumni from other countries. Some need only some advice or services for a short stay, while others will move to a country. And, in the latter case, it is good to think of associating them with the various events organized by the local association: friendship day, party celebrations, etc. Being welcomed and welcoming others helps us to realize the internationality of our network. Many friendships have been created across borders.

A member of the AMASC Board of Directors, Alicia Moreyra is the hospitality responsible for helping those alumni who visit a particular country or need information about it. Alicia Moreyra should be contacted for any request for hospitality or assistance:

Working in close collaboration with the national presidents, she is in possession of the list of delegates to the hospitality of the member countries, to which she makes the requests which are presented to her. She informs the president of the country of origin of the alumna, her continental coordinator and the president of AMASC.

Of course, those who ask to be welcomed undertake to respect the customs of those who receive them and, for questions of ethics, it is necessary that they are members of a national association, thus testifying to their attachment to values of the Sacred Heart.

Alicia Moreyra
also responsible for the AMASC Newsletter