World congresses


Every four years, alumni from around the world are invited to gather in a major world congress which is the culmination of the term of office.

In the General Assembly, the presidents of the national associations will vote on the results of the past years and elect the future president of the AMASC and its vice-president for a new term of 4 years, as well as the members of the Board of Directors who will accompany them in the exercise of their responsibilities.

In plenary or round tables, the alumni can also testify to their local experiences and their participation in solidarity projects that have been proposed to them.

Presentations or conferences by rscj or great witnesses bring them finally a spiritual lighting on the theme of the congress which they have in principle prepared during 4 years while striving to live it concretely.

These meetings, which bring together several hundred participants (up to a thousand for the Tokyo Congress in 1986!) Are held most of the time in the country of the outgoing president and they require a big effort from the organizers.

All speeches in plenary sessions are translated simultaneously in the 3 official languages of AMASC: French, English and Spanish. There are also some very convivial break times, cultural and festive outings, and a market of associations, where each delegation presents its local specialties …

The congress generally starts with a solemn celebration of the Mass with the impressive parade of the flags of all associations that make up the AMASC. A grand gala dinner celebrates the end of congress, where each member is proud to wear his/her best traditional national outfit.

It is truly the festival of the universality of our association.

Malta in 2010
Phoenix (Arizona) in 2014
Merida (Yucatan) in 2018