There are more than 150 Sacred Heart schools around the world. A figure that would even be close to 180 if we add free schools in some emerging countries, or schools that do not belong to the rscj but refer explicitly to their spirituality and pedagogy, such as Trinità dei Monti for example.

Distributed in 41 countries, each has its own face and its own traditions: boarding schools or day schools, simple primary or secondary schools, mixed or not, with or without uniforms …. In the USA that the network of schools consists of 24 establishments. In Europe there are 42, including 15 in Spain, and 12 in English.

All these schools have in common a pedagogy based on the charisma of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, and an educational mission within the framework of the Catholic Church, even if they also welcome students of other religions.
For the foundress of the Sacred Heart, education was the means for her Society to reveal the love of the heart of Jesus, by giving the children who would be raised to know and experience this love. She hoped that this education would be deep enough to lead these students to engage in the transformation of the world according to the values of the Gospel.

Based on this charism, with sometimes some special emphasis, any school of the Sacred Heart seeks the total development of each student: spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical by including in their educational projects 5 main objectives, sometimes formulated locally so little different:

  • I. A personal and active faith in God;
  • II. A deep respect for intellectual values;
  • III. A social conscience that drives action;
  • IV. The construction of the community as a Christian value;
  • V. Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom
Châtenay-Malabry (France)
Baradene (New-Zealand)
Halifax (Canada)