The situation of the young alumni of Sacred Heart is different from that of their elders. They are boys or girls today, and they rarely did all their schooling at the Sacred Heart. In addition, they are subject to multiple solicitations, which does not promote a commitment in the long term.

When they leave school, they usually have few means, but are generous. They like to bring their enthusiasm and talent to the realization of a solidarity project during their holidays or during a break in their studies before engaging in a professional life.

Meetings, internationality attract them, but not necessarily the intergenerational. For all these reasons, a network of young graduates has gradually emerged within AMASC.

‘Young AMASC’ was initially a network of young Europeans, who wanted to continue to see each other in the wake of the Bicentennial celebrations of the Society of the Sacred Heart in Brussels in 2000. They meet again in Brussels the following year, and plan to meet each year in a different city in Europe.
In 2003, in Rome, they plan to have a representative in all national associations, and young people from Egypt and Congo are invited to join them in February 2004 in Barcelona, then in April 2005 in Pobiedziska, Poland.
In autumn 2005 they are in Holland and, at All Saints’ Day 2006, at the Sacred Heart of Hamburg, where they are presented with volunteer work at the Sofia Center in Patna, India. They decide then to open their network to all the young elders of the Sacred Heart of the whole world.
‘Young AMASC’ is now part of the AMASC, in which it offers meetings and activities more adapted to the expectations of young people. But to take advantage of its opportunities as well as those offered by AMASC, it is necessary to have previously joined a national association (see art 5 of the statutes).
Claudia Nicolaije of the Netherlands is the first to join the AMASC office under Hermine Van Asten – Wennekers (2006-2010).

In 2010 in Malta, young ‘Young AMASC’ participating for the first time a Congress AMASC and present their projects

Initially, a small group of good friends (D.R)
First youth participation in the Malta Congress in 2010
Youth table at Merida Congress