« Let’s live together the family of the Sacred Heart »

The draft mandate 2018-2022 of Paola del Prete

« We are a big family composed of: :

  • Alumnae and Alumni
  • Religious (RSCJ)
  • Schools of the Sacred Heart and networks of school leaders
  • Associates and volunteers

How to «make family»? How to really «be the Family of the Sacred Heart»?
The components of this family have a common identity, a sense of belonging, which are to be defined, developed, encouraged … Here are various practical proposals.

To be the Family of the Sacred Heart, it is important to:
1. To develop the feeling of belonging to the Sacred Heart Family, notably by organizing a world day of festivities and exchanges lived on the same date by all the components of the Family. We could call it: the «Mater Day».
2. Increase the feeling of sharing the same identity through actions and activities common to all the Family: hymn of Coeur de Jesus (Heart of Jesus), objects with acronym, evenings infos-studies / trades / careers, Volunteer International Sacred Heart, links between schools and / or national associations, internships and pilgrimages, testimonies and videos of alumni, schools, nuns, young people returning from a Volunteer experience, reputed alumni etc.
3. Ensure effective and trustful communication between the various members of the Sacred Heart Family.
4. Participate or be represented at each other’s meetings at the local, national, regional and global levels.

To be the Family of the Sacred Heart, it is important to:
5. Support a common project of help that will be chosen with the nuns. It will be presented at the beginning of the mandate to the national associations who will be invited to participate regularly, not only financially, but also in other ways. They will be regularly informed of the assistance given to the project and its progress.
6. Gather information on the whereabouts of all Sacred Heart schools and religious communities around the world and describe their composition.
7. To make visible the spirituality and pedagogy of Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat and the nuns, sources of the Sacred Heart Family, especially by the spiritual advisor of AMASC who could propose a theme of monthly reflection, to be disseminated on the AMASC website and that of the other components of The Family.
8. Redefining the concept of hospitality and its implementation, with places to visit specific to the Sacred Heart Family.

To be the Family of the Sacred Heart, it is important to:
9. Strengthen the contacts with the networks of school heads at all levels and encourage the initiatives by continents as well as with the nuns and the heads of schools.
10. Ensure that the websites of the various components accurately reflect all the wealth of the family and the life of each and interactively. Use social networks to widely communicate information, especially among the youngest.
11. Promote the organization of the World Congress at a more democratic price, eg. in a school of the Sacred Heart (or other) or in a home.

BREF : « Let’s live together with the family of the Sacred Heart! ». This is the focus we are offering for the next four years ! »