National presidents


The national leaders animate the associations for which they are responsible with regard to their specific statutes and the expectations of their members.
With respect to the AMASC, several missions devolve to them, as long as their association is a full member. These are specified by Article 5 of the AMASC Internal Regulations.

The National Presidents vote at the AMASC General Assembly and elect its Board of Directors as well as its Chair and Vice-Chair (e).

They cooperate with the objectives of the AMASC and report their activities at least once a year to the head of the Newsletter which is published twice a year on this site.

They finally accept the hospitality and offer hospitality in their countries of members coming from other associations of the Sacred Heart.

«Continental coordinators», members of the Board of Directors, promote their exchanges with the AMASC office, and help to organize meetings between associations of the same continent