Continental meetings


For several years, some national associations have become accustomed to offer alumni the same continent to meet, so that they can concretely realize what it means to belong to the family of the Sacred Heart in a country other than theirs and to know each other better.

These meetings usually take place in the interval between World Congresses and in a simpler context. They are often part of a school that participants can visit. Presentations and exchanges on their associations or on a particular subject are proposed to them, as well as a discovery of the host country and its folklore.

The old Latin American ones were the first to gather by continent in Medellin (Colombia). They are already at their IX meeting ELASC (Encuentro Lationamericano of Antiguas Alumnas del Sagrado Corazon) which was held in Cartagena (Colombia) in 2016, in the presence of a hundred old from Argentina, Brazil , Cuba-in-Exile, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay. Each national association receives in turn and prepares a study plan on a specific theme. The Xth ELASC meeting is expected to take place in 2020 in Peru.

The Europeans for their part met for the first time in Vienna in April 2013, then in Madrid in October 2016. France should welcome them in the autumn of 2020.

Finally, the alumni of Canada and North America, particularly numerous, also gather every two years in a city with a school of the Sacred Heart. During these meetings, the last of which was held in April 2019 in New Orleans, the American association, AASH, took the opportunity to convene its General Assembly and elect its new president and its new board of directors for a two-year term.