Their mission

Originally, the mission of the rscj was almost exclusively devoted to the «formal» education of girls, schools in prestigious boarding accommodations, for the most fortunate of them, or in free schools, since a school for poor young girls was almost always associated with a boarding school.

With the international expansion of the Society of the Sacred Heart, particularly in developing countries, and the Church’s request to religious congregations in the aftermath of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) to open up to other forms of apostolate, the rscj « have created new ways of educating, new ways of emancipating women, new ways of promoting the lives of marginalized people » (Sr. Barbara Dawson, closing conference of the 2016 chapter ).

Today, rscj are animated by the desire « to love, practice and witness to justice, peace and the integrity of creation (JPIC) at all levels of their lives and their mission » (Acts Chapter 2016, p.25).

Mainly for apostolic fields :

  • Education by schools: in the framework of institutions they supervise or who are attached to their spirituality and pedagogy.
  • Socio-educational projects: especially for children, young people and women, and all those who are excluded.
  • Projects and pastoral activities in an ecclesial setting, hospital chaplaincies, for spiritual guidance, psychological counseling, youth camps, volunteering…
  • Collaboration with other institutions: secular (representation at the United Nations) or religious, such as in the Ignatian youth network Magis…
and deploy life (RSCJ Photos)