While in our countries affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, we are rightly moved by its dreadful health and economic consequences, let us not forget that these are even worse for populations already weakened by other evils: extreme poverty, medical under-equipment, drought or bad weather, terrorism…

This is for me an opportunity to recall that the support of the small school of Bougoudang in Chad, whose very precarious situation was reported to us by the rscj, is part of the objectives of this 2018-2022 mandate, during which we wish to make you live in a very concrete way your attachment to the family of the Sacred Heart.

Please forgive the French lady that I am with this little outburst of chauvinism, but with 21 000 € (about 22,700 USD) in 6 months, France is the champion in all categories for the amount of donations collected so far for the benefit of the small school of Bougoudang! They will be sent very soon to its director, Sr. Dorota Zych, rscj.

Her secret? To suggest to our generous benefactors to use the means legally available to them in their country to obtain tax deductions. In some countries, a direct donation (to AMASC or to Sr. Dorota) is possible, in others they may have to go through locally recognized works of public utility, and it is up to them to retransmit the amounts paid to Sr. Dorota who is leading this project. It is worthwhile to be informed and to be creative. This time of confinement is propitious!

The AMASC secretariat has ‘general public’ files in the 3 languages of our association that can be distributed to family and friends (secgen@amasc-sacrecoeur.net).

So, national associations or simple alumni from all countries, do not hesitate to join this great movement of solidarity in which we have invited you to participate, thinking that at the end of the chain it is the future of children living in one of the poorest regions of the world that depends on it. France is only asking to be surpassed in terms of generosity!

Thank you very much in advance.


NB. For your convenience, you will find below Sr. Dorota’s and AMASC’s bank statements. Remember to report your payments to AMASC, since we hope that this support to the small school of Bougoudang is truly a common initiative, which brings us all together.


. Bank account of the Collège agricole du Sacré-Cœur, of which Sr Dorota is also the director :

Bank code: 60001
Counter code: 00001
Rib Key : 42
Account no.: 01413295301
Ecobank Tchad
BP 87, avenue Charles de Gaulle


.. AMASC bank account :

BE28 3631 8910 9220
Banque ING, Agence Cours Saint-Michel,
Cours Saint-Michel 60 B- 1040 ETTERBEEK (Belgique)