For all of our national associations in the Northern Hemisphere, and AMASC in particular, now is the time to go back to summer vacation …

 The first year was devoted to the regularization of the situation of our world association with regard to the Belgian Administration on which it depends, as well as the creation of its new website. The following two years were unfortunately, largely impacted by the regrettable Covid epidemic, leading to the cancellation of many activities, both internationally and in your associations.

 The European team responsible for AMASC is therefore preparing to enter the last year of its mandate which will end on October 2, 2022 with some major meetings.

.  In 2021-2022,  AMASC will be calling for and receiving the candidates for the new Board of Directors, and the presidency of AMASC on which our General Assembly will vote.  Any member of a national association can run, provided that they have the agreement of its officials.

 .  It will be necessary to bring an end to our solidarity action for the benefit of the children of Bougoudang, which has already prospered.  Already a new concrete building has replaced the straw buildings where sometimes more than 80 students per class were crowded on simple benches.  A borehole is now providing drinking water for the children.  There is still a long way to go for equipping new classes, training and paying teachers that parents’ poverty does not allow to pay properly, and perhaps the creation of a school canteen.  We are still awaiting the contribution of many national associations.  Even modest, this will testify to our common desire to support the mission of the rscj.

.  Finally, the big decision to be made will be whether or not to organize the great Congress which brings together alumni from around the world every 4 years to mark the end of a mandate.  Given the exceptional health circumstances we are experiencing, only one thing is certain.  Whether by zoom, or in the real presence of its members, the General Assembly during which the new team will be elected will take place, because we cannot derogate from it by statute.  On the other hand, with regard to Congress, the AMASC bureau decided to postpone its decision until January 2022, after consulting its Board of Directors.  We understand the disappointment of those who were already looking forward to this Congress, and will do everything to ensure that this festive event can take place as it is so important to create or strengthen ties between us.  We don’t want to run the risk of a missed event opportunity or an untimely cancellation.  You will be notified as soon as a decision is made.