52 years of congresses

52 years of AMASC Congresses

The origin of AMASC
  • May 10 to 15, 1965 : An international congress is organized in Brussels in commemoration of the centenary of the death of Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat, presided over by Marguerite Coppée.
    With the theme : « Our entry into the Church on the move ».

During this meeting, Valentine van Zeebroek proposes to constitute a world association of old Sacred Heart named AMASC. The proposal is ratified and Baroness Coppée is elected interim president.

52 years of meetings global
  • May 23-26, 1966: Italy: 1st International Council of National Presidents in Rome:
    Official Creation of AMASC on May 24, 1966
    Elected President: Baronne Coppée (Belgium), (+1967)

  • October 25-27, 1967: Belgium: Second Extraordinary Council in Brussels
    Elected President: Maria-Ignatia Areyzaga of Irastorza (Spain)

  • April 23-26, 1970: Spain: Third World Congress in Madrid
    «The Old and the World of Today – The Old and the Society of the Sacred Heart – The Old and the Future»
    Elected President: Maria-Ignatia Areyzaga of Irastorza (Spain)

  • 30 January-5 February 1972: Spain: IV World Congress in Mallorca
    «If you want peace, work for justice»
    President re-elected for 2 years: Maria-Ignatia Areyzaga of Irastorza (Spain)

  • February 18-24, 1974: Mexico: Fifth World Congress in Mexico City
    «Being an Actor of Change»
    Elected President: Patricia Horsley (Australia)

  • 27-29 June 1978: Ireland: 6th Council of National Presidents in Dublin
    «Living our faith today».
    Elected President: Miriam Gray (USA)

  • April 20-25, 1982: USA: VII World Congress in San Francisco,
    «Our changing world»
    President elected: Reiko Kobori (Japan)

  • March 16-21, 1986: Japan: VIII World Congress in Tokyo
    «Intercultural Communication»
    President elected: Beatriz Salazar de Mejia (Colombia)

  • May 13-18, 1990: Costa Rica: IX World Congress in San Jose
    «Routes to Peace»
    Elected President: Maria Franca Migone Calvi (Italy)

  • May 7-13, 1994: Italy: Xth World Congress in Genoa
    «Vocation and vocation»,
    elected President: Marie del Carmen Gomez Madrazo (Mexico)

  • March 31-April 4, 1998: Mexico: XI World Congress in Mexico City
    «Praying and Working»,
    President elected: Trish (Patricia) Burns (Australia)

  • 13-19 April 2002: Australia: XII World Congress in Sydney
    «Questions of heart: to be reconciled with our world»
    President elected: Olga Rome (USA)

  • April 23-28, 2006: USA: XIII World Congress in Rÿe (Connecticut)
    «Collaboration for a Transformed World»
    Elected President: Hermine van Asten Wennekers (NL)

  • 4-9 April 2010: Malta: XIV World Congress in Valletta
    «Combating Poverty»
    President elected: Pam Snyder (USA)

  • November 6-9, 2014: USA: XVth World Congress in Phoenix (Arizona)
    «Our Hearts United Listening»
    Elected President: Marisa Moreno of Malcher (Mexico)

  • 22-26 February 2018: Mexico: XVI World Congress in Merida (Yucatan)
    «Sophie’s legacy: a gift for the world»
    President elected: Paola del Prete (Italy)

  • October 2022: Italy: XVII World Congress in Rome (to be confirmed)
    «Let’s live together, the family of the Sacred Heart»
Hermine van Asten-Wennekers (NL)
Pam Snyder (USA)
Marisa Moreno de Malcher