On October 2, 2018, in Joigny, in the birthplace of the founder of the Sacred Heart, the new team chaired by Paola del Prete was entrusted with the destinies of our worldwide association for 4 years, with the theme: “Let’s live the family together.  of the Sacred Heart ”.  A premonitory theme, at a time when from all sides in the society of the Sacred Heart, on the side of the nuns but also of the school networks, we are wondering how to better organize ourselves and forge links together to help each other and face the challenges of the future.

 During the first year, the Executive Board focused on creating a new website and updating all financial and administrative procedures, in particular with the Belgian administration on which AMASC depends.

Another project was opened with the launch of a common solidarity action in Chad, where we decided to support the renovation project of the small school in Bougoudang led by Sr. Dorota Zych.  We keep you updated regularly, in the hope that other national associations or other former ones in a personal capacity will follow the example of France and Ireland, which are for the moment the only ones to be  be committed to this project.

The Covid pandemic this year, which unfortunately affected the whole world and many of us, directly in their health or in their professions, also had consequences for AMASC which had to slow down its activities.  We are nonetheless determined to move our association forward.

The AMASC Board of Directors will meet by zoom – Covid obliges – on Friday March 12 and Saturday March 13 to take stock of this mid-term.  In addition to the reports of the president and the treasurer, will be mentioned in particular: the place and the organization of the next Congress, about which we are still waiting for the evolution of this pandemic, and the means of  attracting young alumni in our associations.  The national presidents will of course be directly informed of the decisions that have been taken.  And we invite you all to get closer to your managers to talk to them and let them know your expectations.

The exceptional crisis we are going through has shown the fragility of our world, where withdrawal into oneself is unfortunately imposed in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus.  This withdrawal, however, is not in the spirit of neither our association, nor even the Society of the Sacred Heart, where friendship and solidarity between humans prevail.  So let’s continue to move forward “together” in confidence as we prepare to celebrate with joy the gift of a Savior just over 2,000 years ago.  Happy Advent to all!