At the Ordinary General Assembly of AMASC on 29 and 30 October 2022 in Naples, Roselie Bellanca Posselius and Maria Asteinza, members of the AASH Association (USA), were unanimously elected President and Vice-President of AMASC by the 14 presidents of national associations present or represented.

The General Assembly meeting took place in the magnificent building of the Sacred Heart of Naples, now the Fondazione Romano Guardini, where the participants were warmly welcomed by its director, Prof. Zecca, the President of the Association, Sister Devoto, former Provincial of Italy, and Mother Moraca, responsible for the small community of religious who still live there.

Roselie was the President of AASH, the American National Association, from 2019 to 2021 and Maria a member of its board.

In addition to the President and Vice President, the new elected AMASC Board will consist of: Maggie Kaspura (USA), Marcia Tufarolo (USA), Marie-Thérèse Sebrechts (USA and Poland), Sandra Chellel (USA), Hayley Harmouch (Egypt), Quentin Merny (Belgium), Maria Schöner (Austria), Gertrude Lufwa Nzolani (DRC) and Maria-Luisa Campa (Italy).

The election and handover between the two presidents, Paola del Prete and Roselie Posselius, and the vice-presidents, Jacqueline de Montjoye and Maria Asteinza, took place on Sunday 30 October, with emotion and even a certain degree of seriousness, in contrast to the particularly warm and relaxed atmosphere in which the whole meeting took place.

The new President chose as the theme for her term of office 2022-2026 the very motto that Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat used to exhort her sisters to persevere in times that are quite comparable to our own troubled times: « Courage and confidence! »

She then took the time to talk to the outgoing team and to interview each participant of the meeting by filming them.  She was then due to travel to Rome, to pay homage to Mater Admirabilis, to visit the Trinità dei Monti and to meet Sister Barbara Dawson, the Superior General of the Congregation of the Sacred Heart.

We had planned to give you a day-by-day account of the various highlights of these days.  To our great regret, we were unable to do so for reasons beyond our control and we apologise.  However, if you click on the special box on the home page of the site, you will be able to discover an important photo report on this event.  In addition, in the “Solidarity” box on the same homepage, a short and very complete film on the whole project concerning the small school in Bougoudang, Chad, is available.  It was made from videos taken locally, with the generous collaboration of two young women from Egypt.  Do not hesitate to view it and to spread the word, as the successful completion of this project is proof – if any were needed – that when people get together, great and beautiful things are possible!

This site will probably remain inactive for a few weeks, while our American friends take possession of it and update some of its now obsolete information.

With great affection and friendship, we wish the new team great success in their endeavours and are sure they will succeed.  They have all the qualities to do so!

It only remains for me personally to thank once again very warmly and sincerely this very dedicated teacher of the Sacred Heart of Jette who wishes to remain anonymous out of modesty.  He is the one who saved our site when it was hacked two years ago, and without him it would have been impossible for me to address you even today.




The day after the Naples meeting, the outgoing President wanted to say goodbye to the participants and to all the alumni from all over the world whom they represent, and to assure them of her friendship and her prayers.

Dear friends,

After the Naples meeting, I feel the need to thank you for your presence, your cooperation and your good humour.

Some of you have travelled a long way to come to Naples, but getting together is so important!

I feel like I am back in school: praying, singing, laughing under the loving gaze of Saint Magdalene Sophia.

Rediscovering what we have received and realising that in Africa, in America, in Europe, our education has been the same everywhere: a lesson of equality and sharing that we must pursue with determination and love.

Let us also commit ourselves to prayer: do you remember the many moments of prayer we had at the Sacred Heart? Prayer helps us, gives us strength, unites us.

We have worked hard for this meeting: I hope that everyone will have good memories of Naples, the Neapolitans and these days of peace.

And now :

Thank you to all those who participated

Thank you to the AMASC which unites us in a big family.

Thank you to Roselie and her team who, with the help of the Lord, will guide our association in the coming years.

Thank you to our Sisters who accompanied and educated us in our youth.

Thanks to Saint Madeleine Sophie who always protects her children.

Thanks to Saint Philippine who brought the Sacred Heart to distant countries

Thanks to Mater Admirabilis who reassures us with her peacefull gaze.

Thank you to our parents who, so long ago, chose the Sacred Heart for us…

I embrace you all: you will always be in my heart.

Paola del Prete del Vaglio

President of AMASC 2018/2022

Roselie Bellanca Posselius
Maria Asteinza
From left to right:
Front row: Maria Asteinza and Roselie Bellanca Posselius
Second row: Hayley Harmouch, Marie-Thérèse Sebrechts, Gertrude Lufwa Nzolany, Marcia Tufarolo, Maggie Kaspura, Quentin Merny and Maria Schöner