« Faces of the Heart »

« Faces of the Heart »

Alongside the network directors of the Sacred Heart, 15-18 year olds all over the world are starting to gather regularly.

More than a simple summer camp, Faces of the Heart brings together every two years, young Sacred Heart students from all over the world, to create links between them and make them reflect concretely on a current topic, through workshops, visits and more fun activities. When they return, these students must testify to what they have discovered with their classmates.

Led by Luciana Jeler, a professor from Bloomfield Hills (Michigan, USA), this initiative was started thanks to the excellent communication between the exchange managers in the schools. At its launch in July 2016, 27 students from 11 nationalities and 21 different schools were gathered. In 2018, with the often financial support of their heads of institutions, there were 47, of 14 nationalities and 27 schools.

Organized twice in France, at the Sacred Heart of La Perverie in Nantes, the theme of the gathering was in 2016: « What influence do our values of the Sacred Heart have on our behavior in the face of food problems in the world ? », and in 2018 : « Education for a better world ».

If this event were to become permanent as its promoters wish, the 3rd edition of Faces of the Heart could be held in Trinita dei Monti in Rome in 2020.