Networks of schools

The networks of schools

Many exchange and meeting circuits have been created between the Sacré-Cœur institutions, concerning their students, their teachers or their directors, at the provincial or international level.

Each year, some schools offer their students:

  • Individual exchanges based on reciprocity
  • Class trips to discover a Sacred Heart of a different country. For example, in July 2017 the young students from Taiwan were received in Korea…/li>
  • Participation in collective events, as these Olympics held in 2014 in Uganda, which joined adolescent Ireland, Austria and England who had prepared their journey for a whole year….
  • International solidarity projects. In 2015, young student in London, Mexico and Taiwan worked together to renovate substandard housing in Mexico …

Many opportunities for meetings between teachers, educators and leaders of Pastoral

  • Exchanges of teachers from schools to schools to discover new technologies and new teaching styles
  • Training the charism of the Sacred Heart in founding the program “Roots Give Wings” in St. Charles, Missouri (USA)…
  • Conferences of educators on a particular aspect of their mission.

Two networks in particular are being structured, with which the AMASC wishes to maintain privileged links: one concerning the directors of institutions of the Sacred Heart and the other of the young schoolchildren from 15 to 18 years old: Faces of the Heart.