Some important dates

Some important dates in the history of the Sacred Heart

  • December 12, 1779: Birth of Sophie Barat in Joigny (France)
  • November 21, 1800: At the Hôtel de Vassé in Paris, first wishes of Sophie Barat
  • In November 1801: Opening of a first boarding school in Amiens (France))
  • The December 18,1804:Meeting between Sophie Barat and Philippine Duchesne, the convent of Santa Maria d’en Haut (Grenoble),
  • )1806: First General Council of the « small society », Sophie Barat is elected Superior for life
  • December 15, 1815: First Constitutions
  • March 21, 1818: In Royan (the advanced port of Bordeaux), Philippine Duchesne embarks on the Rebecca with 4 companions for America, where she opened the first school in St. Charles of Missouri on September 14, 1818
  • 1839-1845: Important crisis in the Society about the situation of his government
  • November 18, 1852: Death of Philippine Duchesne in St. Charles, Missouri
  • May 25, 1865: Death of Madeleine Sophie Barat. There are 3,539 religious sisters in 89 houses, including 64 in Europe, 20 in the USA and Canada, 2 in Cuba and 3 in Latin America.
  • 1907: Due to laws hostile to religious congregations 2,500 rscj leave France. This exile will give new impetus to the internationality of the Society of the Sacred Heart with the creation of new foundations, especially in various countries of the Third World.
  • 1925: Canonization of Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat
  • 1965 : At the end of the Second Vatican Council (1962 – 1965), the Church asks all religious congregations to review their Constitutions.
  • 1967: A special chapter will give the Society the means to adapt to the « signs of the times »: the generalate for life disappears, the government of society aims at more co-responsibility and a greater respect for local particularities . However, it is planned to postpone the adoption of the new Constitutions until 1982, in order to allow all nuns in the world to participate in this revision
  • 1982: At the end of the General Chapter, the new constitution of the Society of the Sacred Heart are voted unanimously by the capitulants. They will be approved by the Church in 1987.
  • 1988: Canonization of St. Philippine Duchesne
  • 2009: Repatriation of the shrine of Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat at the Saint-François-Xavier church in Paris
Birthplace of Sophie Barat in Joigny
Phillipine Duchesne boarding for souAmerica
Under mother Camacho’s generalate(1970-1982) the RSCJ are moving towards a new lifestyle