Dear brothers and sisters,

In these recent days we have been shaken by something tragic : war! Several times we have prayed that this road would not be taken. And let us not stop praying; indeed, let us implore God more intensely. For this reason, dedicate a day of prayer and fasting for peace in Ukraine. A day to be close to the sufferings of the Ukrainian people, to feel that we are all brothers and sisters, and to implore God for the end of the war.

“Those who wage war, those who provoke war, forget humanity. They do not start from the people, they do not look at the real life of people, but place partisan interests and power before all else. They trust in the diabolical and perverse logic of weapons, which is the furthest from the will of God. And they distance themselves from ordinary people, who want peace, and who are the real victims in every conflict, who pay for the follies of war with their own skin. I think of the elderly, of those who are seeking refuge in these hours, of mothers fleeing with their children… They are brothers and sisters for whom it is urgent to open humanitarian corridors, and who should be welcomed.

With a heart broken by what is happening in Ukraine — and let us not forget the wars in other parts of the world, such as in Yemen, in Syria, in Ethiopia… — I repeat: Silence all weapons!”

 These are the words of Pope Francis: let us all unite in prayer…
We are many, all over the world: this great AMASC family has always been our pride!
So, let us all take hands and pray strongly and whole heartedly for this senseless war to end immediately and for peace to return …

Holy Mother Madeleine Sophie, help us to help others, with prayer and with hospitality. Enlighten the peacemakers so that they may obtain peace. Open the eyes and the heart  of those who want war so that they may understand that evil will destroy us all…

Paola del Prete