Its goals

Of course, the founders of AMASC, in deciding to meet in global association, were free to assign the objectives they wanted, but they had in common an education based on Christian values in their schools. In addition, they had been widely supported and encouraged by the rscj in their approach, and St. Madeleine Sophie Barat herself, in founding the Sacred Heart, was eager “to arouse the adorers of the heart of Jesus” who would participate in the re-christianization of the world.

It was the time of the Council when the Church began to open it to the laity. Also, Mother of Valon, had sent them this exhortation in May 1965 in Brussels (1):

“… I think that there is in you a grace (…) It is a call, a call of the Church .
The Church is at this moment in Council (…). You have been taught in the Sacred Heart, a serious love of the Holy Church.
You must open yourself to all the problems it puts before your eyes … (…) know them better and collaborate more (…) study this slow but real dechristianization, also study the current thinking of the world, which confuses too easily the interesting with the truth, to study the problems of suffering when they enter the world of work where all too often a class-to-class hatred is born, to study the human misery … (…) (By enlightening you more) you will wear the flame more. You are going to ask for this grace in the contact you will have between you. From the shock of ideas springs the light. (…)
The Lord said, “I came to bring fire to the earth.” Ultimately, it is in Him that we must take fire and flame. (So) I am sure you will have responded to the expectation of the Church. “
A path was proposed to them, on which they advanced resolutely by assigning among the objectives of the new association to “cooperate actively and effectively with the Society of the Sacred Heart in its various tasks and options”

(art 3-2-b of its statutes)

(1) Address to the 3rd World Congress of Former Brussels 10-15 May 1965