Paola Del Prete

CV from Paola Del Prete

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Personal data

Resides in Naples
Married, mother of 2 daughters and grandmother of a granddaughter
Alumna of the Sacred Heart of Naples, for all her schooling
Daughter and granddaughter Sacred Heart education (Grandmother at La Trinita dei Monti)
Master of Modern Literature at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of the University Federico II of Naples (honors)
After education commitments, currently manages the family farm.

Languages spoken: French, Italian, English

Main commitments for the Sacred Heart

Registered in the National Association (UNIEASC) since 1972
Head of the Youth Group at the Naples Association in 1982
Secretary of the National Association under the chairmanship of Bianca Lopez Royo-Fenzi, and head of Vincolo, her newsletter in 2003
Vice-president of Anna-Maria Galleotti, in 2009
President of the Italian National Association in 2015 until October 2018
In parallel, since 2010, Member of the Board of Directors AMASC as coordinator for Europe.