Jacqueline de Montjoye

CV from Jacqueline de Montjoye

vpsdt [at] amasc-sacrecoeur.net

Personal data

Antwerp resident in Brussels
Mother of two married and former children of the Sacred Heart (Antwerp, Lindthout, Rosales)
Grandmother of three grandchildren, two of whom attend the Sacred Heart of Lindthout
Former of the Sacred Heart of Antwerp, during all her schooling
Daughter of an old Sacred Heart of Antwerp
From 1959 to 1976 Member of the Catholic Guides of Belgium (GCB) as an elf, guide, assistant, patented leader and accompanist of camps
Graduated medical secretarial with high distinction
Aggregated secondary education with great distinction
After commitments in Education until 1985, volunteer in Africa until 1992.
Administrator of the family SA United Brokers

Spoken languages: French, Dutch English

Main commitments for the Sacred Heart

Joined to the Association National of Anciennes and Veterans Sacré-CSPOTLIGHT (ANASC) since 1971
Member of Bureau de l’Amicale of Antwerp from 1992 to 2015
Vice-president of the ANASC from 1996 to 2006, especially during the Congress in Brussels: Sacré-Cœur 2000
Member of the Organizingthe Sacred Heart of Lindthout since 2004 to date.
President of the ANASC from 2006 to date
Editor and editor of the quarterly Family, since 2006 to date.
Since 2010, Member of the Board of Directors of the Association World Ancienne and Veterans Sacré-CSPOTLIGHT (AMASC)
Organizer of the 175th anniversary of the Sacred Heart of Jette 28.29 and the April 30, 2011
Admin Sacred Heart of Lindthout since 2013 to date(2nd term)