Draft 2018-2022

The draft 2018-2022

American Dede Sheehan Brunetti is now the head of the AMASC youth network.

Almost all national presidents, when consulted, are concerned about the lack or young people in their associations. And it is a major concern of the new office to help them meet this challenge.

There are more than 150 Sacred Heart schools around the world (see the ‘Partners’ tab). The vast majority of them have their own alumni network, which offers, more or less formally, promotion meetings, assistance to find internships or trades or even volunteer work. These networks are rarely associated with a national associated with a national association, which would allow their members to be integrated AMASC; which could then pool their offers and improve the efficiency of its own Young AMASC network for the benefit of all.

Work will be done to assess the current situation and look for ways to bring AMASC closer to schools to be more visible and become a real partner with motivating proposals. pour évaluer la situation actuelle et chercher le moyen de rapprocher l’AMASC des écoles pour y être plus visible et devenir un vrai partenaire avec des propositions motivantes.

Any suggestions or offers to participate in this brainstorming are welcome, which can be addressed to Dede Sheehan Brunetti (dede.brunetti@ilcworldwide.com).